77,000 Wisconsinites Get Kicked Off BadgerCare

By Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Next week Monday, 77,000 Wisconsinites will be kicked off of BadgerCare. We will be holding two press conferences on Monday to draw attention to them. I hope you can join us

  • Madison @ 10am - Assembly Parlor, Capitol with faith leaders, advocates, individuals kicked off of BadgerCare and elected leaders

  • Milwaukee @ 11am - Cross Lutheran Church, 1821 N. 16th Street

And on Tuesday April 1st…

  • Eau Claire @ Noon - Moral Monday protest at the Eau Claire Counthouse

Please email/call me if you can attend!

What you can do from home!

  • Send a letter to the editor! I will follow up this email with details on how to send them

  • Share this BadgerCare petition! It helps bring in new supporters and helps us find people kicked off of BadgerCare - http://www.citizenactionwi.org/badgercare_petition2

  • Help us find people kicked off of BadgerCare! - If you know individuals, please help connect them up with us so we can encourage them to share their voices in this fight.


  • The 77,000 kicked off will have an extra 60 days to gain coverage at Healthcare.gov.

  • April 1st is the day that 83,000 people below the poverty line can finally join BadgerCare, half of what we could have covered if we accepted the federal funds

  • Our plan for the spring and summer on a BadgerCare referenda - but because it is so fluid and sensitive until the Spring election next week I will hold off of typing the conversation up. Give me a call if you’d like more info!

by Kevin Kane
Lead Organizer, Citizen Action of Wisconsin
(414) 550 8280 (cell)
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