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An 8 week class in mindfulness practices for the reduction of stress with Dr. Susan Trafton, Psychologist

Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm, Greensquare Integrative Heath Care Center
6789 N. Green Bay Ave. Glendale, Lower Level Education Center

Cost: 8 classes- $120, individual class- $20
Please register by phone: (414) 305–7496

“I have taught this class for seven years to students at UW-Milwaukee. I took similar classes three times. It helped me immensely. I saw it helps my students immensely. I would very much like to teach these skills to you.”

Learning to be mindful is learning to be present in the moment with clarity and focus. Mindfulness techniques teach how to most skillfully manage the feelings, thoughts and body sensations that arise from present stress or past psychological wounds. With mindfulness, the past heals and the present happiness is less likely to be sabotaged over worry of the future. The class will be structured as follows:

  • Class One: 10/19
Basic Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques

  • Class Two- The Breath: 10/26
Breathing techniques to lessen the symptoms of anxiety, depression, asthma, COPD and high blood pressure.

  • Class Three & Four- Mindfulness of the Body: 11/2, 9
Mindfulness of the body will focus on skillful means of coping with physical and emotional pain residing in the body. Guided imagery and relaxation techniques, as well as, mindful movement practices such as Yoga will be taught.

  • Class Five & Six- Mindfulness of Feeling: 11/16, 30
Through mindfulness of feeling one learns how to not act feelings out and get in trouble in the world or hold feelings inside which can result in mental or physical illness. Participant will also learn to access more positive feeling states.

  • Class Seven & Eight: Mindfulness of Thought: 12/7, 14
With mindfulness of thought one becomes more aware of their personal thought process and how their thoughts affect both their body and emotions. The participants learn to chose their thoughts rather than be controlled by them.

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