8 White Cops, 46 Bullets, 1 Black Man

From Leon Todd, Activist.

Leon Todd is a former member of the Milwaukee Public Schools board, until his home was firebombed back in the years that he protested the dilution of public dollars for public school students by diverting taxes to voucher and charter schools. But Howard Fuller won political will to divide and deny useful and enlightening education with fully credentialed teachers for every grade and high school student. Privatizing public education opens the door to corrupting minds by feeding them creationism, and other lies that lessen reason and controllability.

8 White Cops, 46 Bullets, 1 Black Homeless Man [Video]

During the video, eight officers approached Hall and demanded that he drop the small knife, but he refused. After a span of about 10 seconds, the officers opened fire on Hall.

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