ACA/Medicaid NOT safe, Call THIS WEEK!

Supporters of Healthcare of All - this is just in but it looks like the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid are NOT safe after all.

We’re hearing today that Trump and the Republicans are closer to an agreement and that Republican leaders are contemplating the vote in the House this week, (likely this THURSDAY!) before the Congressional recess begins next week. That’s a very tight timeline for them and for us. That’s why we need you to call your Member of Congress TODAY!

The negotiations between the GOP and Trump would make changes to the AHCA some of which we learned about in the days leading up to the last near-vote. These changes include:

  • allowing states to waive a number of provisions of the Affordable Care Act including essential health benefits, 10 categories of services like maternity and prenatal coverage, mental health care, etc. that insurance policies are required to include under ACA.

  • allowing states to opt out of “community rating” provisions that require insurers to charge consumers the same no matter what pre-existing condition they may have, what gender they are, etc.

This is somehow even worse than their last version of Trump/RyanCare, and we urge you to call TODAY and certainly before Thursday

We will do our best to get you more information as it comes up, as always. Click here to get the call number to call your Member of Congress as well as some talking points on what to say. Let us know if you can help call AND if you can get the word out to more people. This lightning fast vote requires lightning fast opposition by concerned citizens! (You’ll also get the chance to learn more after about our budding “Healthcare-for-All” campaign)

Click Here for More On How To Tell Your Member Of Congress To Oppose Trump/RyanCare!

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