ACTION ALERT: Fight for Fair Maps

In January, Wisconsin was ordered by federal courts to redraw our unconstitutional election maps by November 2017. Less than two days ago, Wisconsin Attorney General Schimel filed a brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stay the lower court’s order until a ruling is made by the Supreme Court.

In the brief, Schimel claims that drawing fair maps for voters in Wisconsin would result in “wasting substantial sovereign resources.” The claim is false and misleading. While the state unnecessarily spent more than $2 million of our tax dollars on high-priced law firms and precision technology to gerrymander Wisconsin’s election maps in 2011, state employees could redraw the lines fairly for a fraction of that cost. And it is Schimel’s own appeal that is costing taxpayers every day. If Attorney General Schimel is concerned about saving taxpayer money, he should be supporting nonpartisan election maps, not fighting to save the gerrymandered maps we now have.

In addition, alternate legislation proposed by Sen. Dave Hansen of Green Bay - Senate Bill 13 and Assembly Bill 44 - would remove politics from the process and be less expensive by having nonpartisan staff draw a fair map.

We need impartial maps that honor the constitutional right of Wisconsinites to have their votes count fairly and equally. We deserve a responsive, competitive democracy in which all voices are heard.

We are calling on members of Citizen Action of Wisconsin - and other advocates for fair and democratic elections - totake action today. What can you do?

1) Reach out to Attorney General Schimel at the Wisconsin Department of Justice and let him know that you want Wisconsin to stop stalling and redraw our election maps now in an open and transparent process. Click here for contact information and a sample call script.

2) Call your state senator and state assembly representative and tell them that the state legislature is under court order to draw new maps, and you want them to begin doing so now in an open and transparent manner. Also encourage them to support SB13/AB44 so that we can avoid these situations in the future. Click here to find your state legislators, contact information and a sample call script.

3) Write a letter to the editor. Letters must include your first and last name, community, and daytime phone number. Only your name and community will be published. Anonymous contributions, pseudonyms and first initials are not allowed. Most papers have a word limit of 200–300 words. Check your local paper for their guidelines and process for submission. Click here for talking points and a sample letter to the editor.

Our work on fair elections would not be possible without the dedicated member-owners of our Citizen Action Organizing Cooperatives around the state. Please support our work by becoming a member-owner of an organizing cooperative in your area:
Thank you for your effort and support as we advocate for a fairer and more democratic Wisconsin.

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