ACTION ALERT! Oppose AB 90 and AB 87

On Tuesday, May 30th The Wisconsin Assembly, Committee on Corrections will take a vote on two harmful bills that decrease public safety, put young people in danger and increase costs to taxpayers. You can make a difference that will protect children and increase safety. Please call/email your representatives and let them know that incarcerating more youth will not make our state any safer and will waste your money. VOTE “NO” to AB 90 and AB 87.

AB 90 will increase the number of youth who enter youth prison and increase costs to taxpayers. Placing one youth at Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake for one year costs over $100,000 with terrible results. By expanding the number of offenses that would allow more youth to enter prison, Wisconsin would increase the costs to taxpayers when those dollars should be invested to prevent crime and support community solutions that work.

AB 87 will increase the amount of time youth stay in prison and increase costs to taxpayers. Keeping youth locked up longer does not increase their chances of successful rehabilitation and may even increase the chance of that youth committing another crime once released because of the lack of support received while incarcerated.


  • Sending youth to Lincoln Hills or Copper Lake is the most expensive option with the worst results. The model is outdated, dangerous, and doesn’t rehabilitate youth or increase public safety. It costs over $100,000 to send one youth for one year to Lincoln Hills, which adds up to over $30 million each year. The youth prison model should be abandoned and replaced with less costly and more effective non-residential, community-based alternatives to incarceration.

  • Sending youth to Lincoln Hills or Copper Lake decreases public safety. Even by DOC’s measurement, over 60% of the young people who go to a youth prison recidivate (re-offend) within three years of release, largely due to the intense trauma they experience while incarcerated, where solitary confinement (23 hours in a cell), what they call “restricted housing,” is extensively overused.

  • The state should invest in community based solutions that work for youth. To have a safer community with fewer victims it is critical that fewer youth enter prison and the state supports a range of effective community programs that offer targeted supervision and services including restorative justice, intensive mentoring, mental health treatment, family therapy and other interventions that are proven to lower risk and need in order to sustain long-term behavior change.

  • Wisconsinites do not want more youth in prisons. A recently released poll shows that 75 percent of Wisconsinites favor keeping young people out of harmful, ineffective prisons like Lincoln Hills and Cooper Lake, and instead prefer community-based alternatives that are proven to lead to better outcomes.

Click on each representative’s name for full contact information.
ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON CORRECTIONS—Most important- “targets” (could vote either way)
Representative Schraa (Chair)- Oshkosh
Representative Hutton (Vice-Chair)- Brookfield
Representative Kleefisch- Oconomowoc

Likely to vote yes, but calls and emails could influence them:
Representative Brandtjen- Menomonee Falls
Representative E. Brooks- Reedsburg
Representative Kremer- Kewaskum
Representative Gannon- West Bend

Likely to vote no, so (after you contact the targets), please thank them for protecting children and keeping our communities safer:
Representative Bowen- Milwaukee
Representative Pope- Mt. Horeb
Representative Goyke- Milwaukee
Representative Considine- Baraboo

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