ACTION ALERT: Stop the “gun training in schools” bill TODAY

We need your voice right now! State lawmakers are holding a public hearing today on the bill that would force the Department of Public Instruction to include firearms shooting training in the high school curriculum.
This bill is not about safety—it’s about helping the gun industry find new customers. And they even admit it: The founder of the high school shooting sports league said that he decided to go to the schools because “that’s where the money is.”

Click here to send a message TODAY to the members of the Assembly Committee on Education to demand they reject this bill.
Tell the committee that our public education system should not be forced to prop up the gun industry, which is in a panic because its customer base is getting older, and they’re having trouble attracting new, younger customers.

As WAVE volunteers from across the state gather in the Capitol this morning to testify against the bill, it’s critical the committee hears from you.
The voices of concerned citizens like you have stopped gun-lobby-priority bills already this legislative session. Now, we have to step up and do it again.

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