A Collage of Misrepresentation by State Elected Officials: Black & White

by Leon Todd

1) Black County Chairman strips Black Supervisor Thomas of committee assignments. Did he play to the white power structure?


2) Black Alderman disrespects Black Occupiers at City Hall

Have Black Elected Leaders been supporting City Hall with federal funds for poor?
Independent audit of Block Grant Funds demanded by Occupy the Hood in Milwaukee while Occupying the Milwaukee City Hall. Can Black Common Council Willie Hines survive? Has city hall misused federal funds? Are the elected leaders out of touch with their communities? Is voter fraud involved in city black elections?

3) Black Occupy City Hall News Removed from internet.

Who doesn’t want the taxpayers of the city to know about possible city hall fraud?
Occupy protesters march to City Hall | CBS 58 | Local News

4) State Republicans signed pact to keep quiet on suppressing Black Vote.

Are they writing the middle class out of the electorate?
The Conspiracy Unfolds
Green Bay Press Gazette.

5) Wisconsin Lawmakers were MADE to pledge secrecy over redistricting suppression; Excuse Me; MADE? Excuse Me…

The conspirators freely conspire against the 99%; and with the press
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

6) Somebody powerful should be in trouble in Wisconsin for this conspiracy

Almost beyond comprehension! At the center of an ethical nightmare, one will find Michael, Best and Friederich, a top Milwaukee Law Firm. Republican lawmakers were told to ignore public input comments and instead focus on what was said in private strategy sessions, according to a GOP memo that became public Monday. Are your elite leaders disrespecting and disenfranchising the 99%? Have these politicians become plantation overseer of Jim Crow City? Will the comatose sheeple wake up?

7) Corporate Republicans take vow to conspire to hide truth from the 99% public

Yet another revelation about the culture of secrecy perpetuated by GOP lawmakers. Did any black legislators sign the secrecy pledge or agree to secrecy as in the past?

8) GOP lawmakers signed redistricting voter suppression of middle class in secrecy deals

Is Wisconsin the Capital of the Anti-democracy conspiracy?

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