A Living Wage: It’s Wisconsin Law.

“Every wage paid by any employer to any employee shall not be less than a living wage.”

That’s the law in Wisconsin: a living wage for all workers.

Last week, our Raise Wisconsin campaign filed an official complaint under Wisconsin law stating that the minimum wage is not a living wage. Over 100 underpaid workers joined our official complaint with a statement describing how they make less than a living wage.

Wisconsin’s $7.25 minimum wage is simply not a living wage, and is in violation of state law. Governor Scott Walker has the authority to put an end to Wisconsin’s illegal minimum wage by signing an executive order to raise the minimum wage up to a living wage. Walker has just 16 days – October 14 – to take action and raise Wisconsin’s minimum wage.

Our stories make the case for why Wisconsin’s minimum wage must be raised to a living wage. Raise Wisconsin will be filing more complaints with statements from workers who are struggling to afford basic necessities. Will you join our official state minimum wage complaint by sharing your story about what it’s like to live on less than a living wage?

Join the campaign, tell your story, and help us Raise Wisconsin: http://bit.ly/WageComplaint

In Solidarity,

Raise Wisconsin

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