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Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:49 PM

by George F. Sanders

A primer study on Economic Exploitation – Causal Initiatives, Victimization, Market/Media Collaboration

Milwaukee, even with its beautiful Lakefront, now represents among the worst of cities with environments that many young Blacks say they cannot wait to get out of.

The city’s failure to deal with decades of Black male joblessness, segregation, plus claims of innocence about its creation of those environments generate prepared lies about the mayhem that exists.

To wit: Milwaukee mayor, Tom Barrett, claims he was not shocked at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s headline, (3–11–2014) “Homicides up 15% in 2013,” and that he was aware that most victims were young African Americans, and that “We have to focus on the violence that’s occurring among young African American men in this community.”

Taxpayers might inquire just who is “we” and what sorts of “focus” has, or will occur on the violence that’s occurring among the young African American community.

Common sense and logic suggest that human beings are not born with violence. It is learned, And the media has a responsibility to help taxpayers understand what years of unemployment, segregation and repressive police activities will do.

Yet, like Mayor Barrett, it appears that, to avoid this simple analytic process and do like the mayor rejects economic disparity studies, even one indorsed by city government.

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