A Very Good Weekend for WISDOM

1) Thanks to many, many phone calls and expressions of concern, the “Understanding the Threat” group cancelled the workshop it planned for April 9. Not only that, after being exposed in Green Bay and Pewaukee, they shot down their entire planned Midwest tour. This is a group the Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes as an “Anti-Muslim Hate Group.” Make no mistake: they cancelled their recruiting events because so many of you called the venues to let them know what kind of group was attempting to use their facilities. Congratulations!

2) On Saturday, the “Race to Justice” spring training event in Milwaukee exceeded expectations. More than 50 leaders from Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha and Waukesha came to build relationships and to learn more about Wisconsin’s criminal justice system and how it can be fixed. Most importantly, everyone made plans and commitments to reach out to educate the broader community through presentations and door-to-door canvassing, as well as to hold forums where we can challenge candidates for office to declare their intentions around fixing the criminal justice system.

3) The next Race to Justice training will be this coming Saturday, April 14, in Madison. There is still space available. If you want to attend, contact MOSES organizer Frank Davis at 32davisfrank@gmail.com or at (608–509–7433). Race to Justice trainings will also be happening in Green Bay on April 28, Superior on May 4 and Eau Claire on May 5.

4) And, mark your calendars for Monday, June 11. On that evening, WISDOM will sponsor a candidate forum for the leading candidates for Governor of Wisconsin. They have all received invitations. The event will be held in Pewaukee, near the I-94 expressway, but we hope to have WISDOM members from across the state.

5) Click HERE to see WISDOM leaders featured in a new Gamaliel video.

6) To support WISDOM’s ongoing work, or to help pay for buses for people coming to the June 11 forum, click HERE.

Thank you.

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