Action Alert - Ask Legislators to Support Transit in the State Budget

Transit is vital to the independence and quality of life of Wisconsinites with disabilities, older adults, and their families.

The Joint Committee on Finance will be voting on Transit this Thursday! YOUR HELP IS NEEDED – LEGISLATORS ARE NOT GETTING CONTACTS ABOUT TRANSIT. Contact legislators NOW and ask them to restore the 10% cut in Transit Aids and keep Transit in the Transportation Fund

ACTION REQUESTED: Take action now! Even if you called or emailed previously, please act again.

  1. Call or email the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) co-chair Senator Alberta Darling and other Southeast Wisconsin area JFC members, and ask them to restore transit funding and keep transit in the Transportation Fund.

  2. Copy your own state Senator and Representative

SAMPLE MESSAGE - please personalize with your own story

Please support funding for transit in the state budget. It is very important for Wisconsinites with disabilities and older adults. I urge you to support these priorities which are very important to me:

  • Restore the 10% cut in Transit Operating Aids made during the last budget. Our bus system and paratransit services connect people to jobs, school, healthcare, and other important services. If these funds are not restored, there will be major cuts to transit and paratransit services.

  • Keep Transit in the Transportation Fund to protect this important revenue which is so important to jobs and economic development.

Thank you for your consideration

Be sure to sign with your full name and home address or provide this over the phone.


BY PHONE: Call the legislative hotline toll-free at 1–800–362-WISC (9472) (266–9960 in the Madison area) to leave a message for a legislator. This hotline can also tell you who your legislators are.

BY E-MAIL: Email addresses for Milwaukee area legislators are listed below. If you don’t know who your legislators are, go to and click on “Who Represents Me?”

Joint Finance Committee Members from Milwaukee Area
Co-Chair, Senator Alberta Darling608–266–5830Sen.Darling@legis.wisconsin.govRiver Hills, R-8
Senator Mary Lazich608–266–5400Sen.Lazich@legis.wisconsin.govR-New Berlin, R-28
Representative Dale Kooyenga608- 266–9180Rep.Kooyenga@legis.wisconsin.govBrookfield, R-14
Representative Jon Richards608–266–0650, 888–534–0019Rep.Richards@legis.wisconsin.govMilwaukee, D-19
Representative Cory Mason608–266–0634Rep.Mason@legis.wisconsin.govRacine, D-66

Milwaukee Area State Representatives
District Number/NamePhoneE-mail
#7 Daniel Riemer (D)608–266–
#8 JoCasta Zamarippa (D)608–267–
#9 Josh Zepnick (D)608–266–
#10 Sandy Pasch (D)-Shorewood608 266–
#11 Mandela Barnes (D)608–266–
#12 Fred Kessler (D)608–266–
#13 Rob Hutton (R)-Brookfield608–267–
#14 Dale Kooyenga (R)-Brookfield608–266–
#15 Joe Sanfelippo (R)-West Allis608–266–
#16 Leon Young (D)608–266–
#17 LaTonya Johnson (D)608–266–
#18 Evan Goyke (D)608–266–
#19 Jon Richards (D)608–266–
#20 Christine Sinicki (D)608–266–
#21 Mark Honadel (R)-South Milwaukee608–266–
#23 Jim Ott (R)-Mequon608–266–
#24 Dan Knodl (R)-Germantown608 266–
#82 Jeff Stone (R)-Greendale608–266–

Milwaukee Area State Senators
District #/NamePhoneE-mail
#3 Tim Carpenter (D)608–266–
#4 Lena Taylor (D)608–266–
#5 Leah Vukmir (R)-Wauwatosa608–266–
#6 Nikiya Harris (D)608–266–
#7 Chris Larson (D)608–266–
#8 Alberta Darling (R)-River Hills608–266–
#28 Mary Lazich (R)-New Berlin608–266–
#33 Paul Farrow (R) Brookfield608–266–

Barbara Beckert, Milwaukee Office Director DISABILITY RIGHTS WISCONSIN
6737 W. Washington St., Suite 3230 Milwaukee, WI 53214
414–773–4646 Ext 15 Voice
888 758–6049 TTY
414–773–4647 Fax

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