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Action Alert - September 9, 2011

Act Now to Support

Mental Health Services in the 2012 County Budget

County Executive Abele is working on the 2012 Milwaukee County budget including funding for mental health services and supportive housing. It is very important that the County Executive and County Supervisors hear from you about the importance of funding mental health services and supportive housing.

Milwaukee’s mental health system has been in crisis, driven in part by the lack of community services. We must invest in the community services! We endorse the following:

  • The proposed 2012 Community Investment Initiative including:
    • The community-based Crisis Stabilization program which will use Peer Specialists to provide support to clients as they transition from inpatient hospitalization into the community;
    • The Developmental Disabilities-Mental Health Pilot Respite Program including the ACT model;
    • Development of additional community crisis options including a north side Crisis Resource Center.

  • Increased outpatient services to promote diversion and reduce costly crisis and inpatient services.

  • Aggressively moving forward with the Redesign Task Force with a full commitment to consumer inclusion.

  • Development of a plan to downsize Hilltop and Rehab Central. This requires developing the supports and services needed for people with complex needs to live successfully in the community.

  • Continued improvements in safety and quality of care at the Mental Health Complex including technical assistance on safety, increased staffing, and Trauma Informed Care.

  • Continue to work on a plan to implement 1915(i) or 1937 to draw down new federal funds to serve more people with mental illness in the community with recovery oriented services.

  • Explore options for funding for AODA services to replace the proposed $500,000 cut in funding.

  • Continue to invest in supportive housing; maintain funding for supportive services including peer support.

Action Requested

  • Attend a County Board listening session and peak about the need to fund mental health services.

2012 Milwaukee County Board Budget Listening Sessions

Wednesday, September 14Wednesday, September 21
Kosciuszko Community CenterWauwatosa Library
2201 South 7th Street @ 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.7635 West North Avenue @ 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Monday, September 26
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
1531 West Vliet Street § 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

  • Contact County Executive Abele and your County Supervisor now. Ask them to fully fund mental health services and supportive housing and to prioritize investing in community based services.

  • Write a letter to the editor about the importance of funding these vital programs. Letters are limited to 200 words and must include your name, address, and daytime phone. Email to

Sample Message
Here is a sample message for you to personalize with your own story:

Dear County Executive Abele/ County Supervisor _______________,

As you develop the 2012 county budget, I urge you to fully fund mental health services and supportive housing as proposed in the department budget. This should include investing in an expansion of community-based, recovery-oriented mental health services including peer support. Because community based services are not available, our county spends a great deal on costly and traumatizing crisis and institutional services and on corrections and law enforcement. I know you face a difficult budget, but supporting community based mental health services is a good investment and will result in better lives and a more cost effective system.

Sign with your full name and address

!Milwaukee County Elected Officials – Contact Information
County Executive Chris Abele 901 N. 9th Street Courthouse, Room 306 Milwaukee, WI 53233–1458 Phone:414–278–4211 Fax:414–223–1375 countyexec@milwcnty.comMilwaukee County Board of Supervisors Milwaukee County Courthouse 901 N. 9th Street, RM 201 Milwaukee, WI 53233 Phone:414–278–4222 Fax:414–278–1380
Note: If you are not sure who your supervisor is, call the main number 278–4222.
1.Theodore Lipscomb278–
2.Nikiya Harris278–
3.Gerry Broderick278–
4.Marina Dimitrijevic278–
5.Lee Holloway278–
6.Joseph Rice278–
7.Michael Mayo Sr.278–
8.Patricia Jursik278–
9.Paul Cesarz278–
10.Eyon Biddle278–
11.Mark Borkowski278–
12.Peggy West278–
13.Willie Johnson Jr.278–
14.Jason Haas278–
15.Lynne De Bruin278–
16.John Weishan, Jr.278–
17.Joe Sanfelippo278–
18.Johnny L. Thomas278–
19.Luigi Schmitt278–

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