Action Alert: Parole Commission

There will be a very important Public Hearing: Please join us in Action!

Wednesday, August 23: 10:00 am
State Capitol, Room 330, Southwest, Madison

This is the public hearing regarding the nomination of Daniel Gabler as the new permanent chair of the Parole Commission.

About 3,000 parole-eligible prisoners are systematically being denied a fair chance to earn their freedom - something the judges who sentenced them back in the 80′s and 90′s assumed they would have.

The request of the ROC Wisconsin Campaign leadership is:

  • If you possibly can, join us in Madison on Wednesday. Whether or not you speak at the hearing, a huge number of people will let State Senators know that this is not an issue they can keep ignoring and pretending they don’t understand.
  • If you cannot be in Madison on Wednesday morning, please make a phone call to your State Senator. Find the number here.

To better understand this issue, please take a little time to look through WISDOM’S BOOK OF INMATE LETTERS. You can see what this issue is about and why it is such a nightmare for the men and women caught up in it.

The breakdown of the parole system is a seldom-discussed serious injustice.

  • All parole-eligible people have been in prison for at least 17 years, most of them far longer than the judge who sentenced them anticipated.
  • Many were very young at the time of their crimes and are now in their 40′s and 50′s.
  • Hundreds of them are trusted to leave prison unsupervised every day to work at jobs in the community, or even to work in the State Capitol and the Governor’s residence.

As we send out more information, please share it with members of your organization, your friends, your Facebook contacts, etc.

It is time all parole-eligible people get a chance to re-join their families and communities. It is time to save millions of taxpayer dollars. It is time to relieve some pressure on our overcrowded prisons.

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