Action Alert: Right to work (for less) is wrong for Wisconsin

Right to work (for less) is wrong.

Every hardworking Wisconsinite should have a fair shot to earn a decent living, afford high-quality health care, ensure the best education for their children, and retire with security. Unfortunately, some politicians and their wealthy special-interest backers want to take that away.

Workers’ rights are under attack again, and Wisconsin may be the next state to face a so-called “Right to Work” law if a new conservative group has its way. The new group is led by none other than a former high-level employee of the Koch-funded extreme right-wing Americans for Prosperity. They are joined by at least one Republican lawmaker who announced his plans this week to introduce their legislation.

So-called “Right to Work” laws have little to do with your right to work and lots to do with corporations’ rights to exploit their workforce and pay their workers less. States with these laws have:

  • Lower wages and incomes - On average, workers make $1540/year less than workers in other states when all other factors are removed.

  • Less access to work-based health care coverage

  • Higher poverty rates

  • Less investment in education - States with these laws spend an average of $3392 less per student enrolled in elementary and secondary education and have higher numbers of students failing to perform at grade level in math and reading.

  • Higher rates of deaths on the job - The on-the-job death rate is a whopping 36% higher than in other states.

The new Legislature has not even been sworn in, and already, Republicans are working to advance this dangerous legislation. We must defeat this attack on Wisconsin’s working families to preserve the middle-class and ensure every Wisconsinite who wants to work hard has a fair shot at success.

Sign United Wisconsin’s petition now to let your representatives know that Right to Work for Less is Wrong for Wisconsin.

Lisa Subeck, Executive Director United Wisconsin
131 West Wilson Street Suite 303 Madison, WI 53703

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