Brenda Bell-White’s Response to Mayor Tom Barrett’s Support of Racial Profiling…

What Say You Milwaukee Alderpersons?

Dear Mayor I am disappointed that you obviously agree and condone both the traffic stop -aka- racial profiling and the racist and inhumane manner that African-Americans and Latino-Americans are treated during traffic stops. African-American and Latino-American drivers and passengers should be allowed to remain in their vehicles, just as white drivers and passengers are. Black and brown people should be presumed innocent and treated as such during the “checking out phase”.

The city of Milwaukee’s traffic stop “make black and brown people sit on the curb” procedure, presumes black and brown people are guilty and need to be proven innocent! Per your response it is OK to presume that all black and brown people will “try to run away from the scene” during the investigation phase. Given MPD’s practice the department only thinks black and brown people fall in this category of “may try to run away from the scene”; yet MPD does not practice this with white people so, why is it true for black and brown people. Given your response, you are ok with the mistreatment and penalization of an entire class of people for what “may or may not occur. This is not only disappointing, but alarming!

These practices are not OK, it is racist and needs to stop immediately! As the mayor of this city, you have the authority and in my opinion the obligation to insure all people including black and brown people are not treated in this manner! I am insulted that you referred me to the police chief, the very person that developed both of these racist policies and practices.

I am again, asking you to stop the racial profiling -aka- traffic stop program, as well as MPD’s policy of making black and brown people sit on curbs during traffic stops. I also want to know why you feel these programs are necessary and why you feel it is OK to discriminate against black and brown people, especially given the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel traffic stop study determined the program disproportionately affected people of color and did nothing to prevent or lower crime (other national studies have proven the same). I look forward to your response.

I have copied the Common Council on this e-mail. Common Council members, I ask the same question and make the same request of you; stop MPD’s racial profiling and making black and brown people sit on the curbs during traffic stops, stop the violation of black and brown people’s civil rights. I am requesting a response from each council member.

Thank you,
Brenda Bell-White
Concerned African-American, Mother and Grandmother

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”
By T.H. Thompson and John Watson

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