Additional coverage regarding passage of American Health Care Act

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

Here are links to some additional coverage regarding the passage of the American Health Care Act:

Scott Walker would consider seeking waiver to let health insurers raise premiums in Wisconsin

A huge section of the GOP bill undoing Obamacare isn’t actually about Obamacare (re the sweeping “reform” of Medicaid in the bill which has received too little scrutiny)

House Passes Health Care Bill Alarming Disability Advocates

The American Health Care Act: the Obamacare repeal bill the House just passed, explained: How the health care bill could change the health care system.

GOP Health Bill Jeopardizes Out-of-Pocket Caps in Employer Plans: Last-minute amendment would allow states to obtain waivers from certain Affordable Care Act requirements

$8 Billion Comes Nowhere Close to Meeting Republican Commitments to People with Pre-Existing Conditions

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