Advocacy Works and Now We Need Everybody

- MIT professor Noam Chomsky

“Noam Chomsky told Truthout that, even if someone like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is elected president, the Republican Party will retain the ability to stifle any attempts to move the US in a more progressive direction for years to come,” wrote Arturo Garcia/ Raw Story.

Garcia also included the following Chomsky quote in his December 5, 2015, column:
“’It’s important to recognize that they are no longer a normal political party,’ Chomsky said in an interview published on Thursday, adding that ‘the former [Republican] Party is now a ‘radical insurgency’ that has pretty much abandoned parliamentary politics, for interesting reasons that we can’t go into here.’

“Chomsky expanded on those reasons in a separate interview with Frontline earlier this year . . . .

“That brings us, I think, to the most important part of the Sanders candidacy,” Chomsky said. “It has mobilized a huge number of people. If those forces can be sustained beyond the election, instead of fading away once the extravaganza is over, they could become the kind of popular force that the country ba

Patricia Obletz
Artist, Activist, Author, Editor

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