County Budget Update and Call to Action – 11/1/12


On Monday the County Board will vote on the 2013 Milwaukee County budget. This includes an amendment allocating $500,000 to fund an expansion of community mental health services. (see attached). Please contact your supervisor today and ask them to support the amendment which was sponsored by Supervisors Joe Sanfelippo and Nikkia Harris.

Our Message – please personalize with your own story!

Please support the amendment from Supervisors Sanfelippo and Harris to allocate $500,000 to fund an expansion of community mental health services. This is a good investment because it will decrease the use of expensive and traumatizing crisis and inpatient care and support recovery. This supports the County Board’s commitment to downsize care at the Mental Health Complex and expand services in the community.

Note – If your supervisor sponsored the amendment or voted for it in Finance, please include a thank you in your message!

Thank you to the following supervisors:

  • Supervisors Sanfelippo and Harris for sponsoring the amendment for $500,000

  • Supervisors Harris, Broderick, and Stamper for sponsoring an amendment for $1,000,000 which did not pass.

  • Supervisors Johnson, Alexander, Haas, Lipscomb, and Stamper– our five votes in support on the Finance Committee!

  • These supervisors are champions for people with mental illness – please thank them for their support!

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