BadgerCare Public Hearings Week of July 8, 2013

by Kevin Kane Healthcare Organizer, Citizen Action 414–552–8480

Please attend if possible one of the upcoming hearings on BadgerCare across the state with DHS.

We know thousands of people will be kicked off of BC, but here’s what we don’t know: when will those thousands of citizens be told? People kicked off BadgerCare may not even be told until the end of November that they are being kicked off, with only 30 days notice and almost two months AFTER the health marketplaces (exchanges) are up and running!

Check out the upcoming events, on each there is a video explaining this issue further

*DHS BadgerCare Hearing - Eau Claire Wednesday, July 10, at 11AM - 1PM

*DHS BadgerCare Hearing - Wausau (Tribal Consultation) Wednesday, July 10, at 9AM- 1pm

*DHS BadgerCare Hearing - Milwaukee Thursday, July 11, at 11AM - 1PM

*DHS BadgerCare Hearing - Green Bay Thursday, July 11, at 11AM - 1PM

Can you join us to call on the Administration to promise that those people being kicked off be told on or before October 1st so they can enroll in private health insurance the moment it is available to them in the new marketplace?

Check out our video on this and/or RSVP here

Proud member of Office & Professional Employees local 9.

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