By Patricia Obletz, Editor

Why does the USA spend more on killing than healing? By any measure of The Golden Rule, which most religions claim to follow, violence and death more than the lives of the majority of people on this ravaged planet, whatever their beliefs, origins, color, values, balance and practices is the “The Devil’s” work: The Golden Rule Pretenders. You can’t miss them. They’ve been dominating USA screens since 2016, this monopoly on resources currently in power and working with America’s “sworn enemy,” but not this White House this summer of 2018. Putin’s tongue is halfway down his chest in anticipation of amassing the American might. White supremacists and Putin the most supreme aim to use people until illness or accident catches them early in life because of lethal working conditions unregulated since Putin and his merry plutocrats ensured the 2016 election of the President of the United States.

The mid-term election November 6, 2018, looms like a crystal ball, ready to determine if Democracy yet again defeats Plutocracy.

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