Alert: Take Action Today to Support Bus Rapid Transit

This Wednesday, the Milwaukee Common Council and Milwaukee County Board Transportation Committee are expected to vote on whether to advance Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). The proposed 9-mile route would provide an improved transit connection to major employment and activity centers through downtown Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, Milwaukee’s near west side, and Wauwatosa.

Bus Rapid Transit service would be of tremendous benefit to many Milwaukee residents who have a disability, as well beneficial for the work force which provides direct care support and services. Access to transportation is consistently among the top concerns for Wisconsinites with disabilities and limited access to transportation is a barrier to employment, accessing health care, and other community activities.

Action Needed Now
The Milwaukee Common Council Public Works Committee and County Board Transportation Committee are voting tomorrow Wednesday July 13th on the BRT. It is important for members of the Common Council and County Board to hear from community members about the benefit of the BRT. You can email elected officials and / or attend the committee meeting and register to speak to show your support. Contact information is included below.

  • Common Council agenda, resolution can be seen here. The Public Works Committee meets at 9 AM on 7/13 at City Hall, 200 E. Wells, room 301B.

  • County Board agenda, resolution and materials found here The Transportation, Public Works, and Transit Committee meets at 9 AM at the Courthouse, 901 N. 9th st room 201 B.

  • BRT is Agenda item #10 on agendas of both committees

Key Points
Share with Common Council and County Board members the need for additional transportation options for people with disabilities and the benefit of Bus Rapid Transit such as:

  • The proposed BRT service will increase access to jobs and offer increased employment opportunities for many people with disabilities.

  • The additional options and reduced travel time offered by BRT initiative will be an important asset for direct care workers. This is especially important as Milwaukee transitions to a community based model of care for people with disabilities.

  • Improved and more timely access to the regional Medical Center and the health care services based there, will be especially helpful, since many people with disabilities frequently access these services.

Other Background

  • BRT Capital costs: $45-$48 million (Mostly for new buses which will support the current and future MCTS capital budget)

  • 20% local share (Milwaukee County)

  • 80% Federal Small Starts (Application submitted August deadline, requires County Board and Common Council approvals.)

  • $4.4 million new operating costs annually. About $2 million estimated in additional fare revenues. Federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) would be applied for to support new operating cost for 3 years (similar to when the Express Routes launched.)

  • WisDOT has testified that they are supportive of the BRT project, and supporting through I-94 construction mitigation $.

Contact Information for Common Council and County Board
Contact Information for Common Council Members is online at

Here is a list of emails addresses for all Council members:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

County Board Transportation Committee Members:
Contact Information for Committee members is online at:

Emails for Transportation Committee members:,,,,

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