CALL TOMORROW: Important New Info on Forced Drug Testing & ACA Repeal Fight

Friends, you are receiving this email because of your support on our efforts to stop Walker’s forced drug testing of many BadgerCare recipients. As you know, his targeting of the poor and medically addicted will NOT help the public or stop the opioid crisis in our state. Well today we have important news of progress in stopping it, and we want to hold a last minute supporter conference call TOMORROW, Thursday June 8th, to explain more and what comes next.

Last month, our members and allies across the state collected over 1,000 official public comments opposed to these forced roadblocks to coverage. Health consumers, medical professionals and advocates all calling for changes to a bad policy. TODAY the Walker Administration announced in light of the “over 1,000 comments”, they have rolled back some of the worst ideas. But there is more to do, this isn’t victory yet!

Join us tomorrow by phone, Thursday June 8th at 6pm as we cover:

  • Successful blocking some of the worst parts of Walker’s BadgerCare sabotages

  • Next steps on raising the issue of prevention, substance use disorder and fighting the opioid crisis!

  • The latest on the Senate’s sudden fast-tracking of the ACA repeal effort!

  • The launch of our new “Healthcare-for-All” organizing co-op 60 day drive starting next week!

WHAT:Conference Call - Progress in Stopping Walker’s Forced Drug Testing!
WHERE: Call from anywhere in the state!
WHEN: Tomorrow, Thursday June 8th, 6pm
RSVP: Click here to get the call in number

A quick overview of Walker’s waiver changes we can explain in more detail tomorrow:

  • Lowering of the increased premiums that those under the poverty line are forced to pay

  • Lowering of the new emergency room co-pays forced on low income residents

  • Ending of 6 month waiting lists for those who don’t receive a drug test

  • And more

Join us tomorrow, 6pm, for more and what we can do next! This has just happened or we would have given you more heads up!

Rapid Response Call - Progress in Stopping Walker’s Forced Drug Testing!

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