CMRT Community Forum Less Than a Week Away!

We’re less than a week away from CMRT’s I-94 community forum on Wed., 3/30. We’re going to tell WISDOT: Repair, don’t expand I-94. The community needs real transportation solutions.

Please keep spreading the word about the event to everyone you know, to make sure we have good turnout. I’ve seen many great e-mails, newsletters and event notifications go out already, and some of you have been out flyering in the community for the last week — keep it up! If you can, please make follow-up calls to people/groups you invite to firm up their commitments to share the announcement and to attend.

We have a brand-new RSVP page here ( This also has the option for people to submit a public comment to WISDOT in case they can’t attend the forum. Please RSVP there and share it with your contacts. (It’s also in the blurb below.)

Keep up the great work, and give me a call on my cell phone if you have question or there’s anything else I can do.


Peter Skopec, Director: WISPIRG & WISPIRG Foundation
122 State St., Ste. 500 Madison, WI 53703
Office: (608) 268–1656
Cell: (847) 687–7229

Community Forum: A Better Transportation Future for Milwaukee

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WISDOT) plans to expand I-94 between the Zoo and Marquette Interchanges in a way that could lead to further cuts in bus service and local road repair funding, displace homes and businesses, and cost taxpayers up to $1 billion.
Please join us at a community forum on 3/30 to tell WISDOT: Repair, don’t expand I-94. The community needs real transportation solutions.

Community leaders and residents want WISDOT to provide a brighter transportation future for Milwaukee that:

  • Connects people to jobs, businesses and services.

  • Is safe, effective, fair and affordable for all residents of our communities, including communities of color, people with disabilities and transit riders, as well as for drivers

  • Uses our tax dollars responsibly to address real community needs for better transportation.

WHEN: Wednesday, 3/30 at 6 PM.
WHERE: Hunger Task Force; 201 S. Hawley Court, Milwaukee, WI 53214 - On Bus Route 64.
WHO: State Rep. Daniel Riemer and Elected Officials, the Coalition for More Responsible Transportation & Members of the Community.
RSVP: or

Contact: Peter Skopec/WISPIRG - and (608) 268–1656

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