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By Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Friends, I want to make sure you all are aware of a resource Citizen Action has available for anyone who needs it. I regret we cannot do a major roll-out, but the Special Session on BadgerCare has taken most of our effort. We are happy to report that our Call Center to help enroll people anywhere in the state is live, working and currently enrolling!

This means that you can help enroll anyone in the country simply by sending them to this number!

Facts about the SASid call center

  • Using this call center to enroll does not cost extra and you can receive help enrolling, answering questions etc.

  • They are a Wisconsin based partner, right in Janesville. They can enroll anyone anywhere in the country!

  • The call center is available Mon-Fri 7am-7pm live, or you can leave messages

  • We recommend that people call them before setting up a profile at to minimize transition issues. You can great a log-in, just before you finish the profile set up

  • These individuals (SASid) are agents that can suggest the best plan for you, but we have personally vetted them and put them through the ringer to ensure they were sharing good information and helping consumers.


We can also supply any group or individual with call lists or walk lists of individuals in your communities who are likely uninsured and/or eligible for an ACA tax credit. Meaning that you can help enroll your community! You find them, we enroll them!

  • Let us know if you or your group would like to help reach out to your community, we can provide local lists

  • Please allow 48 hours to prepare the lists, especially at this early stage.

  • Keep in contact with me for those interested

Kevin Kane
Lead Organizer Citizen Action of Wisconsin
(414) 550 8280 (cell)

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