Call Stonegate Now to #StopITOA

Last week, activists chained themselves together across Michigan Ave, disrupting business as usual in downtown Chicago for an hour and a half. The #StopITOA coalition, a group of Chicago community organizations, expressed deep concerns about anti-Muslim and hyper-militarized Illinois Tactical Officers Association’s (ITOA) 2016 Tactical Training Conference taking place at the Stonegate Conference and Banquet Center in Hoffman Estates from October 9–13. #StopITOA Coalition demands an end to the police militarization, Islamophobia and Donald Trump-style fear-mongering which ITOA promotes.

We are ready to fight even harder. Join us in taking 3 minutes to call Charles Baptist, Manager of the Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre.
Ask to speak with Charles Baptist or leave him a voicemail.

Sample script:
“My name is [name] from [city] and I am appalled that the 2016 “Illinois Tactical Officers Association” took place at the Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre this week. I am asking you to stand on the side of the communities that face police militarization and Islamophobic violence every day. Please make the Stonegate Banquet & Conference Centre a safe place for all communities and stop hosting ITOA there! If you don’t publically apologize for hosting the ITOA conference, I will not use any Stonegate facilities, and will tell others not to as well, until you side with communities over state repression!”

Charles Baptist direct line
General Line

Check out coverage from our action-day, including press release, a video update, and this article.

In struggle,
Black Lives Matter Chicago and the #StopITOA Coalition

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