Check out our new website!

New Campaign. New Website!

Our 11×15 Campaign gets a new name today:
ROC Wisconsin: Restoring our Communities - Beyond 11×15!

Check out the new ROC Wisconsin website and watch for reports of our launch event in Madison today!

We continue to use, but it will focus on WISDOM’s other campaigns and initiatives. Check both websites regularly to keep up with all of our work for justice.

Also, check in regularly on Facebook and Twitter:

Use of our websites and social media platforms is crucial for spreading our message and increasing our numbers. Help us keep WISDOM’s social media efforts effective:

  1. In Facebook or Twitter, please “like” or “follow” our pages - both WISDOM’s and EXPO’s pages.
  2. “Like” or “favorite” our posts.
  3. “Share” or “re-tweet” our posts.
  4. Consider leaving a comment. These show the world that our social media pages are getting traffic, which not only reflects well on us but also literally increases the visibility of our pages on the internet.
  5. Invite your friends to “like” or “follow” our pages.

Together we’re doing important work.
Keep up-to-date with it and help us multiply our efforts!

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