Citizens and Law Enforcement Act

When Law Enforcement Takes A Life, They Should Not Investigate Themselves: Help The Wisconsin State Legislature Make Great Change!

Petition by Michael Bell Team : Plea for a Change

Please support Wisconsin Representatives Garey Bies (R) and Chris Taylor (D) in their efforts to protect civilians and law officers from unfair investigations. Their co-sponsored legislation is titled the “Citizens and Law Enforcement Safety Act.” Bill #AB 409.

This is the first bill in the nation to ask for statewide, independent, and professional review of police-involved deaths.

This Bill would require all police-related deaths in the State of Wisconsin to also be investigated and reviewed by law enforcement experts who have nothing to gain or lose from the outcome of the investigation. Additionally, the officer under investigation would be required to submit a blood sample subject to testing with either the officer’s permission or a search warrant.

Please sign the petition “Support the “Citizens and Law Enforcement Safety Act.” Ensure Fair Investigations!” on

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