City FLUSH the water remedy to clear water of lead is unacceptable

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

March 11, 2016

Milwaukee homes (mostly in the Northside and parts of the Southside) have lead pipes and possibly galvanized pipes in the home, which bring water to the faucets of these homes. This water sits in these pipes for a period of time (6hrs or more), and all city officials have to offer (after decades of knowing this), is that we should run the cold water for three minutes every morning before we drink it. That’s the remedy city bureaucrats and the mayor are touting.

The city admits there is a hazard to the health of our children and, to downplay that hazard, the bureaucrats of City Hall and corporate democrats of the Common Council, cavalierly say it’s no big deal, all we have to do is FLUSH! Really!

So in the middle of the night, a 3 or 4 year old child decides to get up to have a drink of water, and we’re to believe this child is going to just turn on the faucet and let the water run for three minutes before drinking that water, which was sitting in lead based pipes for 6 hours or more, and we’re supposed to believe that’s safe?

Milwaukee bureaucrats will argue that FLUSHING is a recommendation they are following made by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This is true. But what I don’t see in the CDC recommendations is the suggestion that FLUSHING and treating water, decade after decade, makes up for NOT creating and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan partnering with property owners to remove these toxic pipe time bombs.

The Alderpersons of Milwaukee are missing a key point in the matter of lead pipes affecting Milwaukee neighborhoods. What they are missing is that instead of asking people to flush the water, wasting a valuable resource when doing so, our Alderpersons should have been moving forward with a comprehensive plan to partner with homeowners and set aside city resources in order to begin the process of removing these dangerous lead pipes.

Our city officials should have been working to find solutions that would help reduce out of pocket cost to property owners seeking to remove those lead pipes in the affected areas.

Nancy Reagan had a motto against drugs in which she said: “Just Say No.” Looks like Milwaukee’s safe water motto is going to be: “Don’t forget to Flush”. We all know how well the latter went.

Progressive removal of these lead pipes is better than not removing them at all. Shame on the elected officials and city bureaucrats for not putting an effort forward to seek and establish a strategic plan designed to remove these pipes—after knowing for decades these pipes need to be removed.

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