Great Work!
1) Congratulations to EXPO for a very successful Mass Story Lab on Tuesday. A near capacity crowd heard compelling personal stories from EXPO leaders and then engaged in small groups to develop strategy for the 5 committees that are steering the campaign to #CLOSEmsdf. An article is here, and photos are available here.

2) Congratulations to WISDOM’s Transit Task Force. Our organizing efforts led to modest wins in the state transportation budget. More importantly, our outreach to legislators, photo petitions, and public hearings were all instrumental in canceling the progress on the unnecessary I-94 expansion in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation requested the US DOT cancel the project, and last Thursday, the USDOT formally rescinded the approval of the project. Wisconsin transportation dollars can now be used for public transit and local road projects. Details are here and here.

Contact us at to join these and other efforts towards greater justice in Wisconsin!

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