Congress is Trying to Pass a Dangerous Health Care Bill in Just 10 Days

Congress is rushing to pass a dangerous health care reform that is bad for people with disabilities before September 30. Just like their previous Obamacare repeal attempts, the new proposal called Cassidy-Graham is predicted to contain a devastating 25% cut to Medicaid and weakens key health care protections for children and adults with disabilities.

Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT. Many of these are “optional services” in Medicaid and are at significant risk of being cut or eliminated.

Congress only has 10 days to pass this dangerous bill.

Call Senators Johnson and Baldwin and tell them you are concerned about Cassidy-Graham because:

It does not address the key concerns with Obamacare.Lawmakers should take changes to Medicaid out of the bill and focus on addressing the current problems with the healthcare law:

  • the need to stabilize the marketplace
  • the need to make health insurance affordable.

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

Call Senator Baldwin’s offices:

  • DC Office: (202) 224–5653
  • Madison office: (608) 264–5338
  • Milwaukee office: (414) 297–4451

If you would like more information about this fact, you can use these resources:

Survival Coalition: Busting Myths about Medicaid and the American Health Care Act (the same points apply for Cassidy-Graham)
Kaiser Family Foundation: 5 Ways the Graham-Cassidy Proposal Puts Medicaid Coverage At Risk
Washington Post: Senate panel begins bipartisan hearings to try to improve Affordable Care Act. Congress should continue the bi-partisan efforts to stabilize the health insurance marketplace.

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