Congressional moves to reduce racism – Urge your elected officials to join Rep. John Conyers, Jr

There is no denying institutionalized racism – 2014 videos of police killing unarmed black boys and men paint today’s portrait, although only one aspect of this Golden Rule Pretenders’ hate or ignorance. The common sense of Rep. Conyers’s proposals are undeniable. Please urge your Congresswomen and men to join Rep. John Conyers to enact:

1.] Federal law limiting racial profiling and reducing over-incarceration.

2.] Strengthen the Justice Department’s ability to conduct “pattern and practice” investigations and to foster a system of improved standards for federal and state police operations, especially in the areas of accountability and oversight.

3.] Update the Voting Rights Act — which has been severely undermined by the Supreme Court’s recent Shelby County v. Holder decision — so that we can prevent voting discrimination practices before they take effect.

Conyers hopes that the “heritage of collaboration” returns to Congress to soothe “the racial scars exposed in Missouri, Ohio, Arizona and New York.”

More workable solutions to combat racial inequality grow from #BlackLivesMatter:

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