November 7 Update

As shared in a previous update, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors met this morning to vote on the 2017 Milwaukee County budget. Here are some highlights of items that have been voted on that are relevant to the transportation priorities that we identified in the budget:

Supervisor Sartoti substitute to charge $25 annual GO Pass fee rather than $5 and eliminate $.25 reduced fare fails.

Supervisor Dimitrijevic substitute to eliminate $.25 reduced fare and keep $5 annual fee for GO Pass fails.

Amendment 5 to charge $1 daily GO Pass fare rather than $.25 and keep $5 annual fee passes 15–3. (this amendment was originally proposed by Supervisor Mayo.

Amendment requesting legislature for flexibility to assess Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF) based on value or age of vehicle rather than flat fee passes unanimously.

Amendment calling for $60 VRF advisory referendum to be place on April 2017 general election ballot passes 16–2.

Board adopts amendment to modify expenditures to confirm with a $30 VFR 17–1. Will later consider separate ordinance to establish $30 VRF.

County Budget Update - Board Digest 11/07/16 Budget Adoption

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

The week has been so busy, I have not had time to send out a Milwaukee County Budget Update. Here is a quick summary:

  • The County Board will meet Monday November 7th at 8:30 AM for budget adoption, including voting on amendments – see the link below for details. This is the last opportunity to contact your supervisor to ask them to support transit funding the GO Pass. Supervisor contact information is online at:

  • The County Board Budget Hearing took place on Monday. The Mental Health Task Force, Make It Work Milwaukee, and Shelter and Transitional Housing Task Force all provided testimony supporting funding for transit, the GO pass, and the Mayo Amendment which includes a $1.00/day GO Pass compromise that allows for unlimited transit access for eligible GO Pass holders. While we recognize this cost will be a hardship for some compared to the current free GO Pass, this seems to be the best of the current options. See attached testimony from Make It Work Milwaukee and Mental Health Task Force. Unfortunately, the Board did not get as strong a message as we had hoped there was not a big turnout of community members speaking in support of the GO pass, and there were speakers opposed to the GO Pass, as well as the Vehicle Registration Fee. The vote on the transit budget amendments is uncertain.

  • The Finance Committee approved a $30 Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF), and delayed some of the transportation budget initiatives related to capital investments, and Bus Rapid Transit. Without a Vehicle Registration Fee, there will likely be cuts to routes, reduced hours, and possible fare increases. If individuals or agencies support the VFR, we encourage you to contact supervisors now, as they will be voting on this Monday. Note: Our coalitions have not taken a position on the VFR as there was not consensus on the $60 VRF proposed in the budget.

  • Chairman Lipscomb introduced an amendment which the Finance Committee passed, to have a referenda question regarding a $60 VRF on the April 2017 ballot.

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