DHS releases Long Term Care redesign report, forecasts two March hearings on redesign plan

On Monday January 4th, the Department of Health Services (DHS) shared publicly its December report on Long Term Care system redesign, as required by the 2015–17 state budget.
You can read the report here: http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/misc/lfb/jfc/200_reports/2016_01_04_health_services_medicaid_waiver_request_progress.pdf

DHS’s report references an ongoing internal process to redesign the system, the Department’s plan to report on its internal work in the Concept Plan (due to Joint Finance April 1st), and states there will be two public hearings in March 2016 on DHS’s draft Concept Plan.

Survival Coalition’s analysis of the report found it did not offer any additional information on what the content of redesigned Family Care will look like, any decisions the Department has made regarding the redesign, how the new system will operate, or when/how transition to the new system will occur. We encourage you to read the report, and see if it answers your questions about the long term care system redesign.

We will send further messages when DHS’s Draft concept plan is released and public hearings are announced.

Take Action Now

  1. Contact your State Representative and State Senator with your unresolved questions about the Family Care redesign (Go to Find My Legislators here: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/)

  2. Stay tuned to participate in the upcoming public hearings in March.

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