Democracy Crumbles Before Our Eyes: Vote!

Observations on the downfall of democracy in America by top journalists

Mon. 7/16/18: DON’T Vote GOP November 6:

Wed. 7/11/18: May we wake up 7/17/18 and not learn that Putin, Trump and Xi turn on NATO:

Fri. 6/29/18:Over 600 Women Face Arrest for Protesting US Immigration Policy

Thurs. 6/28/19: “Trumpocracy represents a new level of neoliberal cruelty.”

Voting rights loss at SCOTUS June 11th, 2018

By the ACLU

Thurs. 5/31/18: “(But) white Americans … make up the largest share of Medicaid and food-stamp recipients.”

Thurs. 5/24/18: While Few Notice, the Supreme Court Is Making Corporate Human Rights Abuses Easier

Wed. 5/23/18: Hightower: Democracy Is Dying in America — We’re Now Under the Rule of Trump’s Cronies

Mon. 5/21/18: Supreme Court Decision Delivers Blow To Workers’ Rights

Thurs. 5/3/18: Behind the Complex and Secretive Koch Conspiracy Against Democracy

Thurs. 4/19/18: Opinion | Trump’s assault on the rule of law is working

Mon. 4/16/18: VOTE NOV. 6: The Corporate Plan to Groom U.S. Kids for Servitude by Wiping Out Public Schools

Thurs. 4/12/18: Opinion | Democracy’s retreat in Europe

Sun. 4/1/18: AP-NORC Poll: 50 years after MLK, civil rights goals unmet

Fri. 3/30/18: This move is NOT for US Vets: David Shulkin’s Firing at the VA Is Latest Step in Trump-Koch Push to Privatize Veterans’ Health Care

Sat. 3/24/18: “[T]he real villains Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are busy dismantling every aspect of the government that might be of benefit to the general population.” Opinion - The second-most dangerous American

Thurs. 3/22/18: Chomsky: ‘The Republican Party Is the Most Dangerous Organization in Human History’

Fri. 3/16/18: Stop this mindset November 6, 2016: Andrew McCabe, a Target of Trump’s F.B.I. Scorn, Is Fired Over Candor Questions

Sat. 2/10/18: Democracy Crumbles: A Scholar Is Fired For Telling the Truth About White Supremacy and Gun Violence

Sun. 2/4/18: Kimberly-Clark Uses GOP Tax Break to Sucker Punch Wisconsin Workers

Tues. 01/23/18: Another Body Blow to Democracy and Transparency in Wisconsin in the State Senate Today

Sun. 12/31/17: A Return to Debtors’ Prisons: Jeff Sessions’ War on the Poor

Sun. 12/17/17:

Sun. 12/17/17:

Mon. 12/4/17: Supreme Court OKs Trump Travel Ban Pending Lower Court Rulings

Mon. 11/13/17: Still At It:

Fri. 11/10/17: Hate in the White House — October

Sat. 11/4: Russian Propagandists Took a Page Out of America’s Racist Political Playbook

Thurs. 10/11/17: How the School to Prison Pipeline REALLY Works

Sat 9/30/17: Opinion: A Brit’s speech in an American election takes a Stalinist turn

Wed. 8/27/17: They already own SCOTUS:

Wed. 9/13/17: Why Are US Universities Arming Themselves With Grenade Launchers?

Sun. 9/10/17: “(H)e has already done great damage through executive orders, through appointments hostile to public missions and the allocation of political commissars to run the executive branch…”

Wed. 9/6/17: Mattis and Tillerson Aren’t Mitigating Trump — They’re on a Path of Destruction

Wed. 9/6/17: Opinion | Bannon’s grand, disruptive designs are only getting started

Fri. 8/18/18: “Did the Republican politicians and pundits who backed these measures believe too few protesters were getting hit by cars?”

Sat. 8/12/17: “First Ever”!

Sun. 8/6/17: “[I]n recent decades, American legislators have criminalized so many behaviors that police are arresting millions of people annually—almost 11 million in 2015″

Thurs. 7/27/17: Opinion: The norms of governing are collapsing before our eyes

Wed. 7/27/17: Republicans are using an obscure bill to quietly erode the separation of church and state

Tues. 7/25/17: The Shameful History Behind the School Vouchers Movement

Wed. 7/12/17: Please bring justice to Wisconsin children:

Sun. 7/9/17: Tell Trump’s voter suppression commission — we won’t be intimidated!

Thurs. 7/6/17: We started Democracy Crumbles January 2011 when WI gov exposed his coup:

Thurs. 6/29/17: Very Dangerous Times: The Media Is Under Attack by an Authoritarian White House

Tues. 6/29/17: Hate wins again: Greg Palast: Jim Crow Scam Threatens to Tip Georgia’s Ossoff-Handel Race

Fri. 6/16/17: Rev. William Barber: Voter Suppression Hacked Our Democracy

Mon. 6/12/17: Opinion: The Senate’s three tools on health care: Sabotage, speed and secrecy

Wed. 6/7/17: Stop a second ‘great recession’! protest this bill:

Wed. 5/31/7: Think of the lives and money MKE would save if police mindset was changed by anti-violence workshops to Serve and Protect rather than be: “MPD The Force”:

Wed. 5/17/17: Here’s one of Trump’s global partners operating in DC, one of the evil leaders — of China, Russia and maybe all the countries that elect far-right neo-fascists who also push profit ahead of people and safety:

Sun. 5/14/17: Protest and Get Out the Vote more important than ever to stop neo-fascists:

Fri. 5/12/17: Here we go again:

Fri. 5/12/17: Neo-fascism at work in America:

Fri. 5/12/17: The Daily 202: Trump’s warning to Comey deepens doubts about his respect for the rule of law

Fri. 5/12/17: Trump threatens to cancel White House briefings because it is ‘not possible’ for his staff to speak with ‘perfect accuracy’

Thurs. 5/11/17: Donald Trump Is Attempting a Coup — We Must Have a Special Prosecutor

Wed. 5/3/17: Separation between church and state in jeopardy:

Sun. 4/30/17: Oh yes:

Mon. 4/17/17: Send Dump Trump Letters to Your Legislators Before Democracy Disappears:

3/22/17: Fake news rife in mainstream media:

Mon. 3/20/17: Call your legislators and demand a no vote for Gorsuch:

Mon. 03/06/17: Supreme Court Won’t Hear Transgender Teen’s Challenge To Bathroom Policy

Fri. 2/10/17: “The Wisconsin way of doing things, which is to get rid of everything . . . “ from “Liberalism Under Siege: Mark Blyth, Margaret Weir with Ed Steinfeld” at

Wed. 11/9/16:

Tues. 11/8/16: Hate Wins USA Like It Did UK

Mon. 10/31/16: Vote Against Authoritarian Rule November 8:

Mon. 3/7/16: No Time to Play Ostrich as 21st Hate Inflames Voters:

Mon. 2/01/16: County parks at risk of being sold:

Wed. 1/27/16: Fight Back:

Thurs. 1/21/16: OPINION: Michigan’s pollution crisis shows black lives do not matter

Tues. 1/19/16: Most Shocking Part of Global Wealth Study: It’s Not Just That 62 People Own as Much as 3.6 Billion Poorest

Fri. 8/28/15: Now will you fight for gun control legislation?

Fri. 8/7/15: Research Again Proves USA Racism →

Tues. 08/04/15: Milwaukee makes another Top 10, the 10 worst large cities… We need new leadership

Tues. 08/04/15: David Clarke for Mayor… Really? Look at the members: what do they all have in common?

By Chris Johnson, Editor/Publisher,

Sat. 7/4/15: WI GOP Attacks Democracy in Dark of Night:

Sun. 5/23/15: Stupid Pentagon Budget Tricks

Wed. 4/29/15:Wisconsin Parents Beware!:

Mon. 4/27/15: Why Millions of Americans Feel Like They Have No Power Over Their Lives

Sun. 4/26/15: Greed Shoves People Into Poverty Then Criminalizes Them

Wed. 4/15/15: Republicans push for a permanent aristocracy

Thurs. 4/9/15: Evil at work:

Thurs. 4/2/15: USA yet to become civilized:

3/31/15: Be the Paul Revere in your circle -- Don’t Ignore These Fingers of Fascism:

Wed. 3/18/15: WI Golden Rule Pretender Gov. @ Work:

Tues. 3/3/15: Back to early 1930s:

Thurs. 2/19/15: Truth Jeopardized:

Wed. 1/7/15: Here’s the tip of what voters have done — most by not voting!

Tues. 12/16/14: How USA Democracy Crumbled — Comments Add Facts & Consequences:

Wed. 12/3/14: Anti-Golden Rule Practitioners At Work:



Sat. 11/22/14: Anti-Golden Rule Practitioners At Work: Hillary/Bill Clinton Deregulate Finance; Bush Backers Seal Fate of Middle Class — For Now:

Thurs. 11/20/14: More Anti-Golden-Rule-Practitioner Fiction Passes in US House:

Sat. 11/8/14: USA Voters Just Elected the Profit-Bent Authoritarians, and U Know It’s Not Also Happening Just Here:

Thurs. 10/23/14: Do you really think women are 2nd class citizens?


Wed. 10/22/14: You can lose your driver’s license for all kinds of things these days:

Tues. 10/21/14: SCOTUS majority again errs against The Golden Rule:

Sun. 10/19/14: SCOTUS Squashes Voting Rights. Again. May SCOTUS Still Block WI Voter Photo ID:

Fri. 9/12/14: More reason to vote out the “trickle-down” mindset:

Mon. 9/8/14: US President’s Skin Color Drives “Conservatives” out of their minds in public!


Tues. 8/26/14: Milwaukee Ald. proposed up to $100 million in bonds for new arena… Bucks before jobs!

Tues. 8/19/14: LA cop to stopped drivers: “Obey me or …”

Mon. 8/11/14: Be the Paul Revere in Your Family — November 4, 2014, isn’t far away:

Tues. 7/29/14: Texas mirrors other GOP-controlled states:

Tues. 7/22/14: Corporate-owned thugs at work:

Tues: 6/18/14: Here’s another thing they try to do:

Tues., 6/18/14: Violating women’s rights:

SCOTUS 2014 backs Koch brothers and their ilk:

Anti-Open and Free Internet Access Moves:

The Latest Outlawed USA Freedom
Katherine Stewart for the May 7, 2014 New York Times responds to the latest SCOTUS ruling on the right to pray in the name of Jesus Christ at public meetings: “(T)he long game being played by the religious right… is to get back to a “soft” establishment of religion in America — that is, a system in which formal guarantees of religious freedom and the official separation of church and state remain in place, but one religion is informally or implicitly acknowledged as the “approved” religion of the majority and a legitimate basis for public policy.” More on this frightening return to the inequality of pre-20th Century is at:

“In a lamentable ruling on Monday the Supreme Court’s conservative majority brushed past (American pluralism and inclusion) . . . “ the New York Times wrote in a May 6, 2014 editorial. Yesterday the NYT reported this “lamentable” move:

Then, despite well-documented evidence to the contrary, the right wing denies inequality, which Robert Reich eloquently addresses:

Wisconsin is the worst state in the USA for African Americans, according to a new national research study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Michelle Alexander, author of “The New Jim Crow” tells us why:

Wisconsin state Rep. Mandela Barnes said that the privatizing of Milwaukee Public Schools has been pushed by the biggest builder of charter schools. He and author/journalist Barbara Miner spoke to MATC students May 5, 2014. Miner said that Wisconsin has disenfranchised and degraded public school education by privatizing education for profit:

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