Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Victim Advocacy Program

Individuals with a disability who have been a victim of a crime can get free help and support.

Disability Rights Wisconsin’s Victim Advocacy Program provides direct service to individuals with disabilities who have experienced crime, regardless if it has been reported. We work to ensure that each eligible person receives the advocacy, services, and support necessary to move forward, find justice, and ensure safety and stability in whatever form the victim/survivor needs.

As a person who has been supportive of Disability Rights Wisconsin in the past, we’d very much appreciate your help in getting word out about this important program.

There are two big ways you can help create awareness for the Victim Advocacy Program:

  1. Visit us on Facebook and share our posts about the program, or;
  2. Visit our website to access informational pieces for downloading and printing.

These include:

If you’d like any of these items in larger quantities, please contact us and we’ll coordinate printing and delivery to you.

Thank you so much for being advocates and friends of Disability Rights Wisconsin. We appreciate your support!

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