Docking Governor Walker’s Salary

By Robert Miranda, Editor: Wisconsin Spanish Journal

July 16, 2015

Wisconsin taxpayers continue to pay Governor Scott Walker’s salary, benefits and Mansion. We’re paying for many other things to support the governor and his family so that he can focus on working to represent the people of Wisconsin.

But as of late, Governor Walker has been putting in more hours working for Scott Walker’s aspiration to become president of the United States.†

So while candidate Walker travels across the country and the world in pursuit of the presidency, why are Wisconsin taxpayers paying his salary and benefits during work hours that he clearly is not representing or working on behalf of the people of Wisconsin?†

What CEO would be getting paid by a corporation he works for if that CEO is publically traveling around the business world†lobbying to work someplace else?

A Wisconsin department or some audit committee should he docking the Governor’s check and reimbursing Wisconsin for his non-state related work. Is this unreasonable?†

Is there no attendance accountability? The governor is paid regardless of attendance. This is unacceptable.
Itís not the money, itís the idea, itís the principle of the thing. If he wants to take a vacation, thatís fine, good for him, but I donít think Walker should be paid for time he spends working to fulfill his political aspiration. †

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