EXPO in the House and Nuns on the Bus

EXPO (EX-Prisoners Organizing) held a major public forum on Tuesday, June 28 at the Black Historical Society in Milwaukee. About 150 people attended the event. About half of those present were formerly-incarcerated people and/or family members of incarcerated people. Other members of MICAH, SOPHIA and CUSH also came out in good numbers to support EXPO.

James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel moderated the forum. Six panelists including four formerly-incarcerated and 2 family members of people currently in prison spoke. They covered topics ranging from Solitary Confinement, to Sentencing, to the kinds of barriers faced by men and women with conviction histories. The evening was moving, interesting and motivating. At the end, many people stepped up to say they wanted to be part of EXPO, and many others offered to be part of the ROC Wisconsin campaign.

Earlier that day, EXPO organizers Jerome Dillard and Mark Rice appeared on the “Lake Effect” radio show on Milwaukee Pubic Radio. To hear the show, click here.

Looking to the future: Many members of MOSES and JOB will be involved with welcoming the “Nuns on the Bus” when they visit Madison and Beloit, on July 11 and 12. See the details of the Wisconsin visit here.

Thanks to all who have prayed, fasted and acted in solidarity with the men who are engaged in the “food refusal” action regarding Solitary Confinement. When last we heard, three of the men continue to fast. A letter from one of them mentioned his immense gratitude for all the letters and cards he had received from WISDOM members around the state.

Please note, the WISDOM office has moved. You’re always welcome to stop in:

2821 N. Fourth Street, #537 Milwaukee, WI 53212

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