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Educational Materials About Photo ID in Wiscosnin

Please Note: No Photo ID Needed!
Photo ID is now required to vote in Wisconsin for most voters. The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition (WDVC) has created materials to help you to understand the law and how you can prepare yourself for the November 4th, General Election. Feel free to share this information with others and to call the Disability Voter Rights Hotline at 844/DIS-VOTE (347–8683) if you have questions.

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is also coming out with a video on Photo ID in Wisconsin later this week. We will pass it on as soon as it is complete!

To get the most up-to-date information, “like” the WDVC on Facebook and check out our webpage.

Alicia Boehme, Advocacy Specialist
131 W. Wilson Street, Suite 700 Madison, WI 53703
800/928–8778 (consumers&families)
888/758–6049 (TTY)
608/267–0368 (FAX)

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