Expert Tells the Truth About Google

Jeff Chester, a foremost, longtime expert on consumer protection and digital privacy as Director of the Center for Digital Democracy, makes crystal clear the impact that Google is having on AlterNet and progressive media:

“AlterNet is on the frontlines battling new forms of online censorship promoted by Google. To please its most powerful global advertisers, Google has changed its business practices in order to ‘sanitize’ content—creating what it calls a ‘brand-safe’ environment. As a result, independent, diverse and controversial expression is being punished—exiled into a digital twilight world designed not to provoke Google’s key advertisers. Instead of supporting access to more information and alternative views, Google is further aligning itself with deep-pocketed corporations who don’t support robust journalism—let alone political dissent.

Please help AlterNet fight this new digital ‘blacklist’ that further undermines the democratic potential of the internet. We can’t let Google determine—merely to bolster its bottom line—our ability to access the content we need to keep the powerful global elite accountable.”

Ed. Note: Given the loss of net neutrality, Google, Att et al now have a license to bury the truth.

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