Faith, Love and Restoration

By Table of the Saints Vice President Charles Hampton

Table of the Saints is a local faith-based organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Table of the Saints was established in fall of 2009 by three nonviolent ex-offenders as a bible study group. Bible Study is still held every Thursday evening at Rehoboth COGIC on Elder Wallace Way 6 – 8 p.m. Since 2009, the organization filed for their Article of Incorporation and has become a 501© 3 recognized entity in Wisconsin, joining forces with NAACP, WISDOM and other faith-based groups. Table of the Saints is located at 2821 North 4th Street, Suite 202 Milwaukee, WI.

Our Board of Directors consists of four nonviolent returned citizens and five active members of the community and faith congregations.

The four of us on the board who know the corrections system in Wisconsin from the inside out have maintained sobriety, reconnected with our families and continued in the community the mentoring program we began while in prison, raising awareness of and advocacy for prison reform and helping others return home from confinement and rebuild their lives. Our organization cares about the families of the returning citizens and we are committed to checking in with them and taking them on outings to sports activities and picnics. The rewards of working on prevention with at-risk youth is transformative in itself.

We have two members who go weekly into the Salvation Army and The Felmers O. Chaney Correctional Center to provide faith practice and study time with those who participate.

On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, Table of the Saints held a dedication ceremony honoring The Late Mr. Larry M. Kilgore Jr., the previous owner of our Family House located in River West at 2917–19 North Booth Street, Milwaukee, WI. 53212. We serve returning citizens with a job and income sufficient to afford our reduced rent of $350 - $400.00

As we approach our one year anniversary of opening our house to guests, we are pleased to share with you that we have a total of four guests with us who are bonding as a family, sharing daily chores and requirements of the house. We have taken two of them around to local congregations to share their testimonies and how they are progressing at the T.O.T.S Family House. Each of them has remained sober in our safe and smoke-free environment on north Booth Street.

We welcome your tax deductible donation to help us keep more men from returning to prison – Wisconsin’s annual prison budget currently is $1.3Billion – more than the University of Wisconsin budget! If able, please send your donation to T.O.T.S., Table of the Saints, Inc., P.O. Box 581, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53052.

For more information, please contact Sharon McMurray at 414–573–1591

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