Family Friendly Guide to Services for Milwaukee County Special Needs Children and Youth and their Families

DRW is pleased to offer our new Family Friendly Guide to Services for Milwaukee County Special Needs Children and Youth and their Families. This Guide is designed as a resource to increase awareness and access to services for Milwaukee African American children with a disability and their families.

The Guide includes information about how to apply for various community programs for Milwaukee children and youth with a disability or special needs. We hope it will be helpful to families and to service providers, clinicians, educators, and others. It is part of DRW’s Project EASSY, Equal Access for Special Needs Services for Youth.

The Guide is available as a PDF at DRW is pleased to provide printed copies of the Guide at no charge to families and to community organizations that serve Milwaukee youth and families, schools, clinics, churches, etc. Requests can be entered at

The Guide provides brief overviews of the following topics:

Our heartfelt thanks to the participants in DRW’s African American Parent Advisory Group and the many other parents in the community who shared their suggestions and experiences with us. Their ideas and experiences seeking services, were key in shaping the format and content of the Family Guide. We thank these caring parents for so generously sharing their insights and experience.

The Guide will also be distributed at an October 31st training for service providers, clinicians, and educators who work with Milwaukee African American children and families. The training is offered in partnership with Milwaukee County Disability Services and Milwaukee County BHD Children and Young Adult Mental Health Services. A grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation helped support this Guide.

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