Today is Day #3 in the Final Countdown to Stop the AHCA and its Cuts to Medicaid.

The U.S. Senate is set to take a vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA) before July 4. The AHCA contains a devastating 25% cut to Medicaid, and the Senate wants to make these cuts even bigger. Cuts to Medicaid mean cuts to 20 Wisconsin programs like Family Care, IRIS, the Children’s waiver, BadgerCare, mental health programs, Katie Beckett, autism services, personal care, and important therapies like speech, OT and PT.

Time is running out to stop these harmful cuts!

Our countdown continues today with fact #3. Call Senator Johnson and tell him you are concerned about the AHCA because:

Cuts to Medicaid will hurt Wisconsin’s economy and lead to job loss. Medicaid brings about $5 billion to Wisconsin which supports hospitals, providers, and jobs through 20 Medicaid-funded programs. There are 75,000 Medicaid providers in Wisconsin – many of them small businesses. Cuts to Medicaid will result in cuts to provider rates and make provider shortages worse!

Call Senator Johnson’s three offices:

  • DC office: 202–224–5323
  • Oshkosh office: 920–230–7250
  • Milwaukee office: 414–276–7282

WATCH BPDD Board Member Delores Demonstrate How To Make A Call Over at the BPDD Facebook Page:

If you would like more information about this fact, you can use these resources:


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