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PeaceOfMind: FinallyALinkBetweenCannabisAndEducation

Finally a Link Between Cannabis and Education

By Eilene Stevens, GRNS Chair

Yesterday the MJS headline was, “Gov. Scott Walker says he would campaign with Donald Trump if he comes to Wisconsin” A video accompanied the story where Walker said, “The left is angry and their rhetoric and their language is filled with hatred and they are motivated. They are more motivated than any time I have seen in the last 25 years.”

He is always wrong — in so many ways. He got part of it right, however. We are, indeed, motivated. A good sign of that motivation is in this week’s calendar. During the next two weeks, the myriad of Gubernatorial candidates will be together twice trying to engage voters. On Saturday, May 5 they will be sharing their views on cannabis. On the following Saturday, they will be speaking about Education. It is our job to learn about the candidates.

As the summer heats up, so will the campaigns. Between now and the August 14th Primary Election, get to one of these events. On June 26th Grassroots North Shore will be having its own Gubernatorial Forum. With this many candidates, we voters have the responsibility to learn what differentiates them. In the meantime, find whoever is running from your district and get to know the candidate. I live in the 23rd Assembly District so I will be attending Andy Lamb’s event on the 10th.

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