For-Profit Drug Tests & Healthcare Coverage Gaps?

Today the Walker Administration released details about how they want spend millions to force adults on BadgerCare to undergo invasive and questionably effective drug testing as well as limit how long they can even be on BadgerCare! Help us submit a public comment in opposition to kicking people off coverage!

Citizen Action was prepared, and we immediately mobilized substance use disorder specialists and Medicaid experts to show that this proposal will cost far too much, be of little help and serve only to demonize the impoverish and medically addicted! We showed how this program was ineffective, and how the goal was actually to force people off of BadgerCare. In Walker’s proposal are actually FOUR new ways for people to be kicked off of BadgerCare, and these people will be in a “coverage gap”, as they’ll also be barred from using All while for-profit drug-testing corporations get more taxpayer dollars funneled their way.

This is a terrible proposal, and it is just one more example of the Conservative efforts to sabotage people’s healthcare because of their failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act and destroy Medicaid as we know it. But there’s something we can do right now: submit a public comment before the May 19th deadline.

Federal law is clear, states must respond to the issues brought up in public comments. And to help we created a form on our website to make it easier for people to submit official public comments opposing this sabotaging of BadgerCare! The Walker and Trump Administrations must track and deal with every single comment, so submit one and urge others to do the same!

After submitting your comment, you’ll be redirected to a chance to help in other ways, including signing up for one of two upcoming in-person public hearings in Wausau (4/26) and in Milwaukee (5/1), hosting a “letter-writing event” to help people submit comments or even download an offline comment form to share at your next event!

You might consider asking the Administrations…

  • Why spend ~$48 million a year on a program that medical experts say won’t help the opioid crisis?

  • Why tell the public that the problem is the cost of medical procedures and pharmaceutical prices and then assume forcing people off BadgerCare and continuing to refuse the federal Medicaid expansion funds will help?

  • Where will people you kick off BadgerCare go when they are blocked from Medicaid and from accessing tax credits at Who will pay for the people who fall in this new “coverage gap”?

  • Why aren’t we prioritizing this $48 million a year on prevention with our youth and treatment for the addicted instead of demonizing the poor?

Just to give you some ideas, but we urge you to submit your own questions, concerns and objections.

Click here now to tellWalker and Trump what you think of this idea to drug-test and forceoff people on BadgerCare!

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Last edited by Tyler Schuster.   Page last modified on April 17, 2017

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