Friday Unity March for Peace at NRA Milwaukee Expo

WAVE is coordinating a march this Friday. The NRA is coming to Milwaukee, selling their new murder insurance product, having a conceal carry fashion show and putting on workshops. WAVE volunteers are making cutout tombstone poster-boards with the names of all 66 people killed so far in 2017 in Milwaukee from guns. We need at LEAST that many people to come and hold a poster in each of these people’s memory. Please share this information with your friends and urge them to stand with us and march with us across the street from the Wisconsin Center, where the NRA Expo will be held. We ask for your peaceful presence in showing Milwaukee that we don’t approve of the NRA benefiting from our painful losses to gun violence.

Unity March for Peace Friday, August 25, 2017, 6 - 7:30 pm

Zeidler Union Square Park 301 W. Michigan St., Milwaukee, WI 53203

Join us to protest the NRA’s fear-mongering and hate speech — often times mirroring the words of the alt-right — when they come to the convention center in downtown Milwaukee for a three-day expo designed to recruit, train and outfit civilian “commandos.” The NRA is kicking off their expo with a concealed carry fashion show.

We’re asking you to wear black or memorial shirts to create a”fashion show” demonstrating the real impact of guns in our community. We will also have cardboard gravestones bearing the names of gun violence victims. If you have other ideas, we welcome your creativity.

Because we cannot stay silent and allow them to turn our neighborhoods into battlefields, we will be gathering in unity. events/692925810918299

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