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Mental Health Task Force /Make It Work Milwaukee Update

As shared previously, the Milwaukee County Board Finance Committee met yesterday to consider amendments including several amendments to the GO Pass. We have attached the three amendments that were proposed for the GO Pass for your reference.

As proposed in the budget, GO Pass holders would pay $.25 a ride. However, an amendment from Supervisor Mayo would remove the language about the $.25 a ride – instead GO Pass holders will pay a $1.00 day-pass fare. Although this is a higher cost, it will allow the GO Pass holder to have unlimited bus rides on that day. The Mayo Amendment passed the Finance Committee on a 4–3 vote (see attached for the specifics).

We have been reaching out to some those in the group that has been active on the GO Pass compromise in the budget, including members of the Shelter and Transitional Housing Task Force to ask folks to evaluate the “Mayo Amendment” and weigh in. The consensus that we heard from the shelter, permanent supportive housing and Safe Haven staff is that the $1 per day is the better option for clients. Of course, the $1 fare may be out of reach for some people, but it recognizes that with the original budget language, the round trip fare would be $.50 and may GO Pass holders need to go on the bus multiple times on the same day – so the $1 fare offers more.

Note that the New Freedom Free Bus pass will continue to be available for those who are paratransit eligible. Some GO Pass users may be eligible for the New Freedom Bus Pass and should check this out: http://www.ridemcts.com/programs/new-freedom.

Since many of you may be attending the County Board Public Hearing on the 2017 Budget Monday and speaking about the GO pass, we wanted to share this update with you. We hope you will speak about the importance of Saving the Go Pass and funding the transit system, and as well as thanking the Administration and the Supervisors for the support of the GO Pass and transit. It may also be helpful to speak in support of the Mayo Amendment, as it seems to offer greater support for GO Pass holders. Thank you to all who have been active in our County Budget work and hope to see many of you Monday at the Budget hearing – 5:30 at the Marcus Center for Performing Arts!

Click here for County Supervisor Information: http://county.milwaukee.gov/CountyBoard

Transit funding - perspectives on the “wheel tax proposal”

Mental Health Task Force/ Make It Work Milwaukee Update

The recommended Milwaukee County Budget included a proposal for a $60 Vehicle Registration Fee (VFR) also known as a “wheel tax” to provide dedicated funding for transit in Milwaukee County. The County is facing a multi-million dollar hole in the budget and the VRF was proposed as a way to fill that hole. If the budget “hole” is not filled, there is a great risk of cuts in transit services, and increased fares. Our coalitions did not have a consensus position about supporting the proposed Vehicle Registration Fee increase – some agencies were opposed, some supported, and some had no position.

As the County Budget process moves into the final stages, we wanted to share with you some recent analysis and editorials supporting the Vehicle Registration Fee so you can make your own decision as to whether you support a Vehicle Registration Fee and share your perspective with your supervisor, as they will be making the decision about whether to approve a Vehicle Registration Fee and for how much.

Our advocacy has focused on the area our Coalitions agree on – support for the GO Pass and for funding transit. Without additional funding for transit, people may not have may have more limited options for places to “go” with the GO Pass. We may be looking at reduced routes, hours, and potentially increased fares.

Click here for contact information for County supervisors: http://county.milwaukee.gov/CountyBoard

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