Gerrymandering Not Just for Political Power

By Eugene Barufkin for Angry Progressives Network, Facebook

I bet like me, you thought Gerrymandering was used to just consolidate votes for political power.

Well, NOT true:

- It’s also used to consolidate foreign money, for big economic leverage and gains.
Groups gerrymander Targeted Employment Zone (TEA) by gerrymandering abnormal district shapes of economically-stressed census tracts that meet the TEA-required unemployment rate of 1.5 times the national average.

- One example is the $500,000 invested by wealthy foreigners in exchange for green cards, which ended up in the hands of developers, who are members of the Dallas-based Civitas Capital Group, one of more than 600 such groups.

Civitas, through its City of Dallas Regional Center subsidiary, has raised $500 million in EB-5 (immigrant investor program) investments from more than 1,000 foreign families to finance upscale apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings and restaurants in and around downtown Dallas.

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