Highlights from 2015: The Good News and Pivotal Facts

Wed. 12/16/15:

Put Your Money Where Your Mind Ishttp://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/16/opinion/dont-blame-mental-illness-for-gun-violence.html?emc=edit_ty_20151216&nl=opinion&nlid=55765318

Wisconsin SHOULD do this:

Mon. 12/14/15: Americans — We Too Can Defeat the Far Right:

Thurs. 11/12/15: Reality

Fri. 11/6/15: Pres. Obama Rejects Disaster!

Thurs. 10/6/15: Activism for Justice Works:

Thurs. 10/6/15: Congress May Be About to Pass a Bill That Will Address America’s Incarceration Nightmare


Sun. 10/14/15: Solving Wisconsin’s Prison Crisis:

and even Grover Norquist wants this Problem Solved: http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2015/02/27/3628265/norquist-democrats-support-criminal-justice-reform-relatives-prison/

Thurs. 10/1/15:Paralells on boths shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Thurs. 10/1/15:Follow the money to the right or wrong pocket:

Fri.. 8/28/15: Sanity at Work:

Tues. 8/25/15: WI Gov. one of four GOP presidential wannabes whose failures were shamefully public yesterday after the market plunged deep and fast yesterday, by Washington Post

Wed. 8/5/15: Sanity at work: Abele and Lubar Help Startup Businesses

Tues. 8/4/2015: Wisconsin’s Walker Exposed Yet Again:

Tues. 7/21/15: Critics of Solitary Confinement Buoyed as Obama Embraces Cause

Thurs. 7/16/15: Say Yes!


Truth to Power: This is what ‘black privilege’ looks like

Tues. 7/14/15: who is who deftly explained: I, Racist

Tues. 7/14/15: Clean Summer Youth Program fights crime with jobs

Mon. 7/13/15: President Obama Commutes Sentences of 46 Convicts

Wed. 7/8/15: Obama Unveils Stricter Rules Against Segregation in Housing

Tues. 7/8/15: Another anti-hate win!

7/5/15: GOP Columnist: The VERY Bad News FOR THE GOP in the GOP’s Midterm Victory

Sat. 7/4/15: US President Pushes Sane Measures Again:

Tues. 6/30/15: No Public Money For Private Schools Ruling:

Mon. 6/29/15: Sanity by SCOTUS:

Thurs. 6/25/15: Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Economist on ACA Victory: Regicide Relief


U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmes an important legal principle:

Wed. 6/17/15: Leaders willing, Wisconsin can too!

Mon. 6//15/15: Sanity in California:

Sun. 6/14/15: More evidence-based sanity to vote for:

Wed. 6/10/15: Please share this link with those in your circle who still are unaware of the consequences of Koch-driven Republicans – such as the governors of Kansas and Wisconsin

Sun. 6/7/15:Solving Violence:

Thurs. 6/4/15: Warning: Here’s what voting Republican got Kansas:

Thurs. 6/4/15: Doing the right thing:



Sun. 5/31/15: CEO says he will pay college tuition for all of his employees’ children

Tues. 5/26/15: Start Video at 13.15 minutes to confirm “In My Mind’s Eye” @ PeaceOfMind columns that expose bad blood in WI Dem. Party:

Sun. 5/23/15: Portrait of Sanity:

Mon. 5/18/15: Chicago leads USA in ending police brutality:

Tues. 5/12/15: Too bad, Multi-Nationals!

Fri. 5/8/15: Saving the middle class needs you to urge other businesses to do what is just:

Mon. 5/4/15: You can be an equalizer, too:

Fri. 5/01/15: Baltimore - History in leadership of change in America’s judicial system is on the way


Thurs. 4/30/15: Treating the Racists Among Us:

Tues. 4/28/15: Wisconsin Does Have A Chance for Reasonable Minimum Wage - Please Sign!:

Fri. 4/24/15: WATCH: Swedish Cops on Vacation School NYPD Cops on How to Subdue People Without Hurting Them

Mon. 4/20/15: Contact members of the Supreme Court & urge them to end this fascist law:

Fri. 4/17/18: Wisconsinites wake up!

Thurs., 4/16/15: Know who you’re voting for and VOTE in 2016. We cannot allow Congress to steal from children:

Wed. 4/15/15: Chicago offers $5.5 million ‘reparations’ package to police torture victims

Mon. 4/13/15: Wealthy donors on left launch new plan to wrest back control in the states

Wed. 4/1/15: Don’t Forget To Vote 4/7/15:


Tues. 3/24/15: Milwaukee panel upholds firing of police officer Manney

Mon. 3/23/15: Growing Violence Prevention:

Thurs. 3/19/15: Advocacy works.

Wed. 3/11/15: Overcoming Racism:

Sat. 3/7/15: Sanity ahead!

Wed. 3/4/15: Milwaukee Better Be One of These Cities:


Facing the racist in us all:

Fri. 2/27/15: Texas Sportscaster Overcomes the Racist in Him:

Wed. 2/25/15: Here’s what sanity looks like:

Thurs. 2/19/15: Golden Rule Practitioners at work:


This should be the kick-off to more reasonable wages for every worker:


The Dawning of 21st Century Enlightenment:

Fri. 2/13/15: Despite Old South Die Hards — Civil Rights Overcome!

Thurs. 2/12/15: FBI Chief On Racism & Police Force:

Sun. 2/8/15: Another Golden Rule Pretender At Work — Vote Them Out in ‘16:

Sat. 2/7/15: The truth about the streetcar: 1% v. 99% — and @ MJS No Less!

Tues. 2/3/15: Get 2 Know the Gov Who Would Be King:

Tues. 2/3/15: Be the Paul Revere In Your Family: WI Gov. = New Sarah Palin

Mon. 2/2/15: Support Greed Busting Budget — Call or Write Your Legislators

Sat. 1/31/15: New WI Law Great News In Need of Vigilant Enforcement:

Wed. 1/28/15: Police Can Be A Positive Force IF:

Thurs. 1/22/15: Women Win — But Stay Vigilant

Wed. 1/21/15: Turning bad into good:

Sun. 1/18/15: Simply the best news since FDR!

Thurs. 1/15/15: Push Legislators for Path Out of Poverty:

Wed. 1/14/15: Pope Addresses Golden Rule Pretenders:

Tues. 1/13/15: Urge your legislators to ‘embrace Robin Hood tax’:

Mon. 1/12/15: See how racists build the racist in us all?

Mon. 1/12/15: Breakthrough!

Tues. 1/6/15: Golden Rule Pretenders at Work:

Mon. 1/5/15: Rooting Out Golden Rule Pretenders:

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