Good news about the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts

by Virginia Small

The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts will not be “orphaned,” at least not anytime soon.

In case you missed this, the unanimous votes by the WCD board yesterday represented a decisive defeat of Chris Abele’s tossed-off scheme for a takeover of the Marcus Center by a state taxing authority (WCD).

Besides delaying serious consideration of any transfer until 2020, the WCD board rejected Abele’s request to form a committee on “joint operations” among the Marcus Center, WCD and Visit Milwaukee. Board members said they would encourage collaboration without the need for such a committee, and those involved say that is happening already.

Beyond that, WCD’s attorney told the board they are under NO obligation to request a transfer of the Marcus Center. They must only “consider” it. One county supervisor told me he doubts this will ever happen. So there will be no need to get legislation to make this all go away. Advocates for cultural organizations and parks can focus on other efforts.

For further background on the issue:

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